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Machine Design, Hydraulics, and Control

The future of mobile equipment hydraulic systems is electric proportional actuators with joystick and/or computer controls.  Advances in electronic hydraulic valve driver cards have lowered their cost to a point which approaches the mechanical handles that they replace.  Not having mechanical handles allows the hydraulic valve stack to be placed in the optimum location on the machine which keep hoses (and leaks) away from the cab area.  In the past the only way to locate the valves away from the cab was to design elaborate mechanisms to actuate the valves. Click here to read about CaseCAD's philosophy on mobile equipment controls.

Solid Modeling

Parametric, feature based solid modeling is now a viable proposition on PC workstations. Assemblies containing thousands of parts are now possible and costs are reduced. Lower software cost, higher productivity and lessened training requirements are key cost reduction factors. Parametric solid models allow customers and non-technical users to easily visualize the end product. Ever heard, "That's not what we discussed!"  Even though they looked at, and agreed to,  what appeared to be "OK" according to confusing 2D blueprints.  You can now give your user or customer a virtual tour of your initial prototype because it is digital mock-up  that can be changed in moments,  while they watch.  

Products and Designs to the Internet

The future of product design is three dimensional, virtual and online.   Your future is getting your products into these designs. Designers need product envelop information such as size, bolt hole locations, and detailed specifications to create optimum designs with less prototypes, in less time. 


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