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The Lansberry Tractor


VERSATILE - Turns on a dime like a skid steer, but is a larger more powerful  unit.


BI DIRECTIONAL - Seat spins 180 degrees. Both directions are FWD so one machine does the work of two.


LOW IMPACT - Doesn't make ruts like skid steers and most other construction equipment.


MODERN - Active suspension, On board computer.  Standard features others charge extra for.

This tractor is very easy on the ground(as opposed to skidders, skid steers and crawlers), but has the same "turn-on-a-dime" capability as a skid steer loader. It is a very simple design with few mechanisms. The active hydraulic suspension transfers additional weight from the track to the drive tires during a turn, which allows the machine to turn on its own axis without creating ruts. The machine operates equally well going forward or reverse- - the operator's platform rotates.

The computer control system on this revolutionary product for the agricultural, construction and logging equipment industries is completely "fly-by-wire" computer controlled, making it extremely easy to remote control via industry standard 802.11 wireless Ethernet. This inherent remote control flexibility makes it the ideal machine for performing numerous tasks in a hazardous locations while the operator remains at a safe distance.

The company(Lansberry Tractor Corporation, ) is in the process of commercializing this patented technology and would be more than happy to provide units built to your specifications. If you have interest learning more about this product and it's potential please contact me or the machine's inventor, and company president, Mr. John Lansberry at (888) 524-7467.

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Video 1 - Introduction  (~4 minute download @ 56K)
Video 2 - Tilling and Loading  (~4 minute download @ 56K)
Video 3 - Loading Dirt  (~4 minute download @ 56K)
Video 4 - Spin Seat & Dozing  (~4 minute download @ 56K)
Video 5 - Counter Rotate & Mowing  (~4 minute download @ 56K)

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