You can get your two dimensional design information to your customers with AutoCAD's WHIP technology.  Let your customer view, pan, zoom, and print selected portions of your drawings.

Another route is to make drawing files downloadable in AutoCAD DWG, DXF, or other industry standard formats such as ACIS, IGES, and VRML.  

Use Virtual Reality Modeling Language(VRML) to allow your customer walk through, around, and inside your product using a free internet browser plug in from Silicon Graphics

Use Adobe's Portable Document Format(PDF) to make your existing publications available to your customers in a format that can viewed from within a web browser and that is easily printed. AutomationDirect™ has done an excellent job of utilizing PDF Format to distribute product manuals.  Click here to View AutomationDirect product manuals.  

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Use a free program from Autodesk, VoloView Express, to allow customers to view, redline and print AutoCAD drawings, even 3D solid models created in Mechanical Desktop. VoloView is a stand-alone program and also contains a browser plug-in with similar capabilities.

Volo View - Now Available

CASECAD will convert your 2D drawings, provide renderings for communication of concept, product brochures, and inclusion on your web site.  We can also perform engineering analysis to improve function, reliability, and  manufacturability.  We work with manufacturers to reduce costs.

WHIP! Example

AutoCAD drawings can be compressed in size and stored in Drawing Web Format(DWF) for presentation on the internet and on company intranets.  DWF files are much smaller the the source drawing because they only contain pictorial information and they are secure for the same reason. 

VRML Example

Below is a Virtual Reality Modeling Language(VRML) world created from an AutoCAD Mechanical Desktop 2.0 solid model.  Let your customer fly through, rotate and examine your products in their internet browser with a free VRML plug-in.  See the links below to obtain the proper plug-in for your browser.

wpe7.gif (3207 bytes)

Click on GIF to access DWF image page

test.gif (32310 bytes)

If you can't pan and zoom after clicking on the above GIF, then Download the latest drawing viewer plug from Autodesk!

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