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York Compressor The early 80's 300 6cyl is a very easy conversion to do, there is no fabrication neccessary on the bracket for the pump. I purchased the a/c pump and brackets off a 1980 Van for $40, and it bolted up to the engine in under an hour. Remove the alternator (and smog pump if equipped) and the bracket that holds them to the block. The existing lower alternator belt tensioner can be re-used. Bolt the base plate of the a/c pump to the same holes that the alternator and smog pump used, +2 near the bottom of the block and voila', it's ready for assembly.
After the pump is mounted in place, you will need to purchase two longer belts. (NOTE: Don't try to get belts for the donor vehicle, chances are it won't work) Now it's time to mount the tank. I would not recommend my mounting idea, but the placement is good. I placed the tank under my driver floorboard, outside of the framerail, it fit into the recession like a glove. Instead of using bolts or tie straps, I welded the tank into place. I don't plan on selling the vehicle or moving the air tank, so it proved to be practical. Air Tank Mounting
York Compressor Time for the plumbing. Run a 5/8" high pressure hose to the junction area. For reference here's the order I placed the junction parts in: Check Valve, Four Way, Pressure Switch, Front Outlet, 3" Black Pipe, Four Way, Tank Outlet, Pop-Off Valve and Gauge (note the pressure, these will put out 125+ psi easily). All held down with 2" square tubing. I also purchased a 3/8" 50ft. hose from the local parts store, trimmed about 8ft. off the end to run from the junction to the tank. The rest is my service hose. (the duct tape is there to help keep dust out)
Total cost of the project was about $200, not too bad considering the output it produces.One final note: mount a toggle switch inline to the pressure switch(preferably from accessory), that way the battery doesn't go dead when the tank is low. Below is an excellent page that I referred to for help. Airtank Mounting
*Obi-Wans Compressor page Great page. Has links to other compressor pages as well.


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