I enjoy commissioned work for the unexpected artistic journeys and the new friendships to which they lead.  Research for commissions has led me to study topics as diverse as traditional Coptic design and cellular physics.  While painting outdoor murals I have watched the sun rise descend down the peaks of the Sierras, been scolded by Osprey, serenaded with Mexican ballads, and been honored with the stories evoked in passers-by.  Collaboration with sponsors, site owners, and observers is a unique process that joins me to the community in new and exciting ways.

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Mural 3

A mural expressing the faith in education of the students of many nations who learn together at Maywood Campus of Mt . Hood Community College, Portland, Oregon
9' x 17'

Mural 6

"The Mouse Doctor"
A mural for the children's corner of the lobby of a
Community Health Center, Hood River, Oregon
7' x 4'

Mural 2

"Lily Pond"
A mural for the waiting room a
Family Care Community Health Center, Hood River, Oregon
3' x 8'

Pizzazz from Above

14' x 17'
Photo courtesy of Darol Roa Photography


4-H Commemorative Mural

"4-H Commemorative Mural"


Spring Creek Hatchery

Spring Creek Hatchery, White Salmon, Washington
Click this link to learn about the hatchery


Tefft Wine Cellars

Tefft Wine Cellars, Toppenish, Washington
Click this link to visit Tefft Wine Cellars


Pizzazz from Below

The theme of the mural "Pizzazz" is to celebrate the process of learning at Edgemont School. The school personnel and community bring to this process a structure --  academic, cultural, and historic -- that creates the opportunity for learning. Edgemont students bring to this experience their excitement, curiosity, courage in responding to challenges, leadership, and their caring for one another. The mural is a visual representation of these ideas.

The mural is located above the middle landing of the main stairwell. A large hanging light fixture blocks some of the figures. To see the whole mural, one must view it from both main hallway and second floor balcony, reminding the viewer that learning often requires change in one’s perspective.

This mural is copyrighted by the Washington State Arts Commission and belongs to the Washington State Art in Public Places Collection.


Toppenish Food Bank

Toppenish Food Bank, Toppenish, Washington


Sunland Orchard Figs

"The Sunland Orchard circa 1912" at Bishop Garden Nursery, Bishop,California.

Paradise Valley

Harvest Festival

The trio of indoor murals depicting the Owens Valley orchards and farm produce spans 8 feet by 30 feet.

Owens Valley Mural Project


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