Interfaith Workers Justice

I began my professional work in art as a commitment to contribute my energy for positive change in the world. Since then I have worked as an art instructor and facilitator for the creation of community murals as well as creating personal paintings and commissions for private and public organizations. I have worked in the schools through Art-in Education organizations in several states, and have led community based murals on the West Coast and in Mexico.

Since I began painting professionally, I have shown my work in art centers and in the wider community through exhibits and installations in parks, churches, schools, and libraries.


Haitian Seamstress

I lead community and school groups in the creation of collaborative works that reflect community values. In the collaborative process, participants experience the essentials of democracy, including the need to compromise and how important each individual's contribution is to the success of the whole.

Spring Creek Hatchery

I create murals for businesses, mural societies, hospitals and clinics, schools, and for environmental and faith-based organizations.

Spring Creek Hatchery Close-Up


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