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=== gently paddle your boat in the river of life === look beyond the night stars hoping for new life ===

An anchorhold is the residence of an anchoress. An anchoress is a person living a solitary life of prayer and contemplation. The one who maintains this site lives a life of solitude and prayer in the world.
This site is the window of my cell to all who seek life, hope, truth, the spiritual and meaning in their lives.

In this site a variety of references to God are used. For, how can God be limited by our feeble attempts to express the truth of the Creator by the few words we have, such as Light, She, He, Trinity, They, The One, The Way, Jesus, Lord?  And, there are the hundreds of other ways various people express their knowledge and experience of the Creator which we know nothing about.  God is so much more than our very limited vocabulary and ideas.



The Anchorhold and Julian of Norwich

In the middle ages an anchoress was a woman called to a solitary life, not cut-off from the world, but anchored in it. Her life was one of prayer and contemplation and her daily work. Her home was a small room, or cell, attached to the side of a church.  There was a `Rule of Life` associated with anchoresses drawn up in the 13th century, which stated that the cell should have 3 windows that opened; one into the church, so she could participate in Mass and receive communion; one to communicate with her assistant, who lived close at hand and one to give advice to those who sought it. Julian of Norwich was an anchoress whose writings tell of her life and spiritual journey.

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Simplicity of Living Is Essential to Live a Truly Human Life


We live in a myriad of ways but the question is, what makes one's life truly human? To be truly human is to embody and express in your daily life the best of who your are, what you do and give. Being truly himan is being a person of truth, compassion, hope, openness, fairness. Forgive and listen. Know your limitations. Share who you are with those you meet as you walk on this journey of life. Choose life in all you are and do. Choose that which nurtures all of our brothers and sisters whatever their condition. Choose that which nurtures the center of your being, our mother earth, sister water and the breath of life.

 Serving the Poor and St. Vincent de Paul


Your Sister and Brother


In the gentle whisper of a breeze the voice of Silence encompasses our being
touches our center and calls us forth.


Looking Inside Yourself, or Honesty



Others as Examples of Simple and Honest Living


Live the truth of who you are.

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