The Way in Dealing With Your Suffering and Pain

Suffering Transformed
In time your suffering will become transformed as you are transformed in and by it.  How you are transformed and how your suffering is transformed depends on you, on how you deal with your suffering.

Your Choice

As you eat, breathe, sleep, dream, despair, rage, deny, accept and deal with your suffering you have choices.  You can choose so that your suffering and pain eat you alive inside, make you an angry and bitter person, someone seeking revenge. It can consume your energy, time and your very life.  It can destroy you.  Or, you can choose to say yes to your suffering and pain, to accept and experience the suffering and pain, to open your hands, your mind and your heart. Choose life. Choose life in all you are and do.

Suffering Transformed in Good and Truth

You can ask that your suffering and pain be transformed into something that is good and true and beautiful for yourself and all you meet.   The Creator never turns down a open heart.  She hears and reponds to all our cries of suffering and pain, whatever the cause of them..

The Creator Is Holding You

She embraces us in her gentle arms, comforting our tired and broken hearts, minds and bodies..  And, if we permit ourself to take time, to be in a quiet space and listen She will speak to all that is broken in you..  She will give you the wisdom you need to carry on, to grow, to walk forward, to continue on your journey of life.  Her divine Providence will provide you with all you need to move on, living your life in new ways you had never imagined before.  As the days turn into weeks, and weeks turn into months, as time passes She will walk with you through the darkness.  And, when you can not lift your foot to take another step, when you can not find your way in the suffering, pain and anguish She will carry you as healthy and nurturing mother.  He will carry you on His shoulders as a strong proud father so you can see beyond the darkness engulfing your vision.

In the Darkest Hours

No matter how dark, no matter how hopeless, no matter how alone you feel remember, no matter how impossible it seems to you the Creator is with you.  She will never forget you.  No matter what you have done or failed to do the Creator is with you.  He knows all that is in your mind and heart, both good and bad, and still He is with you.  The Creator is always with each of us and with all of us together.

Your suffering will bcome gift to you and those you meet on your daily walk through life.  Give yourself time.

This is written not based on some theory or abstract belief.  It comes from experience.

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