Cross Country Recumbent

Monday July 21, 2003. Cambridge ID to Riggins ID


Start time
6:27 pm
End time
4:00 pm
Time pedaling
Average speed

The day started well with my only complaint a light headwind.  However the day turned ominous at Council ID.  While rolling out of town a small dog decided that I was just too weird looking and that it must come chase me.  Alas he had to cross oncoming traffic to do so, and that was the end of him :(.  I saw it coming but couldn't do anything to stop it.

However this was just a taste of things to come.  About 10 miles North of Council on 95, the headwind getting stronger, I was cresting a hill with traffic passing me on the left.  I was on the shoulder when I looked in my mirror and saw a suburban moving to pass me.  An instant later I looked up to see an oncoming red pickup  just cresting the hill most of the way over into my lane.  I'm not sure I even had time to think "uh-oh".  About the same time I was diving off the shoulder into the gravel I heard a terrible crunch.  I looked up to see debris flying everywhere and then covered my eyes and hoped not to get hit.  The suburban had been pulling a trailer, and the pickup ended up hitting that, combined speeds were probably in the 60s.  I was within 20 feet of the whole thing and couldn't be more scared.

A few seconds after overcoming the shock I hopped off the bike and ran to the vehicles to determine if anyone was critically hurt.  Amazingly enough everyone was conscious and thought they were OK.  This is one of the few places with some cell coverage so I called 911.  About that time a UPS driver showed up who happened to be a local volunteer fireman.  He quickly took charge of the situation.  The guy in the pickup started having back pains and nasuea so we called an ambulance, while the UPS/fireman help him still.

It turns our that the pickup had been in the passing lane, going around a semi, but he didn't realize that there were two semis back to back.  He ran out of lane and that's how he ended up across the line.  The suburban driver was smart enough to know he couldn't take the shoulder because that would've made road pizza out of me.  He did the best he could and avoided hitting his own vehicle, but couldn't clear his trailer.  God what a mess.  The pickup driver ended up being in a bad way and was rushed to the hospital, I don't know what happend to him.

In all of this I was completely unharmed.  Not even a scratch on my gear

I waited around until the highway was reopened and most of the traffic had cleared.  There's not much more to tell.  The rest of the day was uneventful, mostly headwinds and a relatively easy climb.  I finished the day camping on the Little Salmon river in Riggins ID.  This place is walled in by steep canyon walls and is very pretty.