Cross Country Recumbent

Sunday July 20, 2003. Oxbow OR to Cambridge ID


Start time (Mtn .time)
1:17 pm
End time (Mtn. time)
5:30 pm
Time pedaling
Average speed

Well I got my early start, but I went nowhere.  I was in competition with a couple of motor cyclists as to who would get going first.  I was just about to win when I noticed my rear tire was flat.  Errrr.  I changed out the tube, looked for obvious problems and then got going.  I went about twenty feet before I decided things didn't feel right.  For some reason the tire bead just didn't seem to seat right, and there was a bump on every revolution.  On closer inspection I realized the tire was bad.  I estimate that it still had a few hundred miles left on the tread, but there was a split in the wall, and it just didn't feel right.  I wanted to ride, but in my old(er) age I've started listening to the voice in the back of my head which usually says something like: "this is stupid...".  The heat yesterday was probably 110, and the road was probably much hotter.  I think the tire literally couldn't hold together under the combined touring load and the heat.

My tire plan had been to have compadres from home send me tires as I need them.  Of course this depends on the crucial assumption that I could anticipate when I would need them.  The closest place I could buy a tire was back in Baker city.  My options were hitch a ride back there, or call friends and have them send me a spare.  The first option was uncertain, the second would take several days.  I gambled on a long shot.  I had discussed tires with Steve from the B+B I stayed at last night.  He warned me (prophetically?) that my tire wasn't adequate and offered to sell me a better one.   There is no cell phone coverage in Hells canyon so I used a pay phone to call back and see if I could persuade him to drive out and bring the tire.

Steve earnd much Karma this day, and got my tire situation under control.

Anyway I decided to try and get some miles in.  This is the part of Hells canyon just above Oxbow dam

A new state!  Also a new time zone.

This is the view just before leaving Hell's canyon.

The climb was arduous, much like yesterday's but longer.  After cresting the pass I mostly coasted my way to Cambridge.  Camping options were limited so I'm staying in a cozy hotel (showers!, bed!, air conditioning!, internet access!).  I'll try the early thing again tomorrow.  It's another climb, but it should be cooler and not nearly so steep.  It's basically a big pass a day for the next week or so, and I'm starting to wear down; so I'm scoping for a good place to take a rest day.