Cross Country Recumbent

Thursday August 7, 2003. Walden CO to Silverthorne CO


Start time
7:04 am
End time
4:35 pm
Time pedaling
Average speed
Odometer 1878

Ahhh today makes up for yesterday's disappointing distance.  The morning news was saying that record temperatures were expected in Denver; but the weather were I was overcast and cool.  I climbed up to Muddy pass (8700') with an ever so slight headwind that I thought might turn into a repeat of yesterday.  However descending down from the pass to Kremling (7300') it was absolutely calm.  I met an older couple from Boulder who were doing a mini-tour on their tandem.  We chatted for a while, discussing the various interesting aspects of our bikes.  Their tandem has a really cool feature that gives each person their own freewheel.  This means that either person can stop pedaling when they want, but they do have to manage the phase of the pedaling.  Apparently when they are out of phase the bike wobbles.  They had also moved the shifters to the stoker position, so the captain gets to steer, but the stoker chooses the gear.  They even split the brakes up, front brake for the captain and rear brake for the stoker.  It seemed like a pretty egalitarian setup.  The gave me the scope of the road ahead and we parted ways.

While the wind was calm I passed this tiny mountain lake which had such a good relfection I decided to see if I could get it on camera.

I made Kremling by noon, checked in with work and had lunch.  While eating lunch I was looking at the map and planning how much further I would go.  There were several stopping options so I was able to play it by ear.  When I finished lunch I noticed an enormous thunderstorm just about to descend on town.  The calm wind had also been replaced by a storm driven 15-20 mile per hour wind.  However the direction was in my favor so I raced away from the storm, hoping to surf the winds on the front edge of it.  The route is basically a climb up the approach to Hoosier, so I wasn't going that fast, but the wind really helped (If I could have put up a sail I would've really moved out).  I actually outdistanced the storm, and the winds abated a bit.

At 93 miles I made it to Blue River campground and scoped it out.  No showers, and the rivers not quite deep enough to get clean in.  I checked in again with work (lots of stuff going on there) and while I was on the phone the storm caught up to me, and actually went around the valley I was in.  I decided to go on to Silverthorne, only another seven miles.  The storm clouds were out in front, and I was riding into the lightning.  Just as I hit town it started raining, with a little bit of hail tossed in for good measure.  The hail was small and rain felt good, so it didn't really matter.

Silverthorne is clearly a resort town.  The map lists the population as 1200 people, but I saw enough housing for at least 10,000.  Clearly this is a resort town.  I'm in a hostel tonight, since the camping options were non-existent (and I wasn't courageous enough to find out what a hotel costs here).

The big pass tomorrow.  It seems weird to say it, but I think I'm going to miss the mountains.