Cross Country Recumbent

Wednesday August 6, 2003. Riverside WY to Walden CO


Start time
7:18 am
End time
12:00 pm
Time pedaling
Average speed
Odometer 1777

The day started off really good.  Cool weather, riding into the rising sun, the speeds were high, and my favorite song was on the player.  This lasted about five minutes.  Notice the average speed above.  The wind kicked up and the route started to undulate like a flag in the wind.  It really wasn't bad, but it did squash my fantasy of making it to Kremling today.

I did get to see some pretty good sites today, but I think the best one is this shot of the road looking back the way I came.  You can really see a long way at 8000'.

Big news for the day is the new state, welcome to Colorado!

One of these days I'll have to get a picture with me in it.  It has been pointed out to me that my bike is like the Gnome in Amelie, just travleing all around by itself.  I'm actually still at home, just shipping my bike place to place :).

I entered Wyoming in Yellowstone, and there wasn't any sign, so to make up for the lack I turned around and took this:

Walden is a nice place, and there isn't anything betwen here and Kremling (60 miles), so it is probably good that I stopped here.