Cross Country Recumbent

Sunday August 17, 2003. Pueblo CO to Eads CO


Start time
1:25 pm
End time
8:05 pm
Time rolling
Average speed
Odometer 2173

Well it has been a long time since I've updated this.  The break was nice.  Ross and I got some work out of the way, and then Helen and I explored the Colorado Springs area for a few days.  Just outside of the Springs is the Garden of the Gods, a park full of unique rock formations

We followed this up with a hike up Waldo Canyon.  The next day we took the cograil train from Manitou Springs up Pike's Peak.  The peak is over 14,000', and the train ride takes more than an hour, with a peak climb gradient of 26%.  As expected the views are extraordinary.  Perhaps the most exceptional thing was this tree, somewhere around 11,000' up, dated over 2500 years old.

Just think: this tree is older than western civilization.

The day we went to Pikes peak there was a 13-mile foot race to the top, nearly a 7000' gain.  If you think that's tough, the next day there was a marathon from Manitou Springs to the top and then back again!  A view from the top of Pikes Peak:

Afer the peak we went horseback riding.  This is the first time I've been riding; but it worked out well, with only mild sorness and no real arguments with the horse (Mustang Sally) :).

The most interesting part of the day was a Morocan dinner that featured a belly dancer.  The dancer was really talented, and we had no idea she would be here, so it was quite a treat.

Helen saw me off in Pueblo, so the day didn't start till early afternoon.  This was perhaps the very first day where there was absolutely no climbing.  Although the terrain was a little tedious the miles fairly flew by.  A light tailwind combined with the newly tuned up bike and six days of R+R for the engine made for the best speed I've ever sustained.

The charm of the trip has started to wear thin, and I'm more focused now on getting to the other side, so I'm pleased that this stretch should go fast.