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Words Matter

In every word written about your business, you need to make a great impression.

It's the way your business should work. It's the way your business writing should work as well.

Let's shift perspective for a bit. Remember the first time?

No, not that first time.

We mean the first time you ate at the restaurant you've been visiting now for years.

The first time someone greeted you with a smile and invested an hour of time to solve your vexing footwear problem.

The first time you found all the specialty grocery items you love, but had never seen at other stores.

Great first encounters make for indelible memories.

And repeat business.

Well, if great first impressions drive your spending, what drives your customers back to your door?

Do they have a reason to want a second time with you?

Will they remember you for the right reasons, not the wrong?

And speaking of the right reasons, do you know what they are? Do you know how to emphasize them in your marketing materials? Can you turn that qualitative difference into new business, repeat business, long-term success?

Only you, in your product or service, can create and deliver the distinctly compelling business story.

But if you've got a great story, we can help you tell it. Short. Fast. Sweet. And memorable.

Most people think, "Anyone can write. I'll do it myself."

If that were true, everyone would be as successful as John Grisham and Stephen King.

Get real -- great writers can write much better than you. And, if we don't mind saying so, we're pretty darn good copywriters. That's why we do it for a living.

If you wouldn't mess around with your car's engine because you don't know what you're doing, why would you mess around with the words that should grab, inform and attract your customers?

Hire us to get your story straight. It doesn't have to be expensive. Because we work from home-based offices, we can deliver quality at much more affordable prices than glitzy advertising and public relations firms.

We don't have a lobby. We don't have a receptionist. We don't have a cherry wood conference table. So you don't pay for any of that.

You pay for us. Our talent. And great copy.

Maybe all you need is ad copy for a Yellow Pages ad. Maybe you need a new brochure, a letter to your customers, or brand identity and a tagline. Maybe you need copy for a full-blown web site.

Whatever it is, we deliver -- on time, on target, on the money. And because we deliver superior service and tight, clever, informative copy, our customers come back to us.

Can you afford not to?

Tell us what you need, and we'll tell you just how affordable it can be to move up from burger to porterhouse steak.