This is the number one seller for 160-180lb. Gorge rider who wants one board to do it all. Also the right size for a little lighter coast sailor.

This is the primary board I ride. On a good year I weigh 150 on a not so good year 170. I ride it here in The Gorge and good days at the coast. The board does everything I want a board to do. Its fast, handles chop, jumps with a pop, and turny as heck!

Optimal size for lighter rider (100-120). This board has been completely designed for the lighter rider. It is not merely a chopped down 8'5" some of the major differences are the straps are closer together, mast track is back, narrower tail and bottom shape that is really needed to keep a lighter rider on the water in high winds. Also being much smaller I can afford to sell this size and smaller for one hundred less.