sailboards custom built in the The Gorge

In '92 there was a demand for a "practical" board. One that was smooth, easy to ride, able to withstand daily abuse, and priced under $700. To fit the bill I started Schroder Boards with about $2000 in tools and start up materials and started talking to my bros about their new boards. My philosophy: attract riders by exceeding durability standards, tune shapes to fit each rider, make the process fun, and everyone gets the bro deal. It worked! But the standards didn't rest. A looping craze hit stressing bottoms even more. I had an idea to sandwich the clarkfoam core with divinicell on the bottom and let the loopers have at it. Tested by some seriously hard on board types proving its integrity. Frustrated board braking loopers called in orders.
Still no rest as now they demanded the same durability standard but in addition much lighter. Since the sandwich bottom was such a success why not top and bottom and still use the closed cell Clark Foam core. It worked! a way more favorable strength to weight ratio. 8'3"s are 14.5lbs. and 8'5"s are 15.5lbs. Very user friendly for all levels from intermediate to hard core dude types.
I don't know the future of sailboards that's up to the riders to decide. I just tune in on what they are saying and make those ideas a reality.