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As long as you can do steady stuff on a stable "unix clone" does it really matter which distribution or version? Isn't what we do with them the important thing, not what package is trendy?

I only ask because my first distribution was good old Slackware 3.4 on an old 33 Mhz 386/387 with 8M ram & 250M of drive space.
Then the Mandrake 6.2 I got for Christmas on a P133/32/2Gig partition with KDE. WOW! WOWEE WOW! WOW! WOW!

The Brenda gave me the Free BSD Toolkit for a belated birthday & the reactions of some of my Linux buds were not what I expected. Some of them sounded just like the arrogant Microsoft fans used to when they found out you were running an OS that wasn't them! Has it really come full circle?

I love Linux because it is an amazing body of knowledge that a myriad of people have contributed to from all over the world. That people just like you & I can have the same opportunity to "get to the source" and noodle programs around to meet our needs is like chimes of freedom to me. After all, why have personal computers and not have them be personal?

But an OS is only a tool after all. And different tools are needed for different purposes. As long as it's stable and productvity happens. it's good.
It may be a little strange, some cat starting a site focused on unix-like OSs and open source on a Win9X platform, but, hey. I have to evaluate the software and although I was just gifted with the Free BSD Toolkit, I don't have a system to run it on...yet....the 33Mhz 486Dx that runs Redhat 5.2 is in the process of being moved from a hanger sized case to a smaller one that is exactly the right size, so I can't make pages on it just yet.
And I just over hauled this system after it being down for way too long.

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