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Ellian Dianne

Kathleen Case

Biographical Info

Born in Omak, WA "returned" to Goldendale to finish out my hundred year plus, stint...

Went to Washington State University
Worked @ Goldendale Aluminum 8 years
Got my Pilots license in 1993, Plane in 1994 Mooney Home Page
Profession - Senior Mechanical Engineer, P.E.
Design anything that moves... that doesn't contain a whole lot of concrete or too many electrical thingys.

Current Projects

Powered Deck Trimmer
Designing a machine to automatically trim(sweep) Soderburg Aluminum Reduction Cells. Performs this hot, dirty work "Like a Video Game" from the cab of a hydrostatic, air conditioned vehicle. Unit is equipped with proportional electric hydraulic PID feedback control system which monitors brush motor torque and automatically adjusts the height of the brush head to maintain consistent brushing action. Currently using a PLC Direct PLC controller to improve reliability and brush life.
Custom Tapping Vehicle
Designing a new self-contained tapping vehicle with on board air compressor and Diesel engine. Existing units are battery powered and must be tethered to air hoses. New tapping vehicle will be equipped to draw metal directly into a transfer crucible, thereby eliminating an existing pour operation that transfers metal from tapping to transfer crucible. Eliminating "the pour" cuts gaseous fluoride emission dramatically, eliminates unsafe and floor damaging, molten metal spills. Not pouring reduces metal reoxidation thereby contributing to project payback..
Diesel Powered Mobile Crustbreaker
Current section air crust breakers are tethered to a plant air line resulting in limited range, and dependence on varying plant air pressure. This inability to move around the plant requires numerous spares to distributed throughout the cell production lines. The current prototype is mounted to a standard Hyster fork truck frame. A modified hydraulic system with regenerative cylinder extension and accumulator energy storage(during upstroke) are employed to afford greater breaking power while maintaining the fast cycle time of the air powered units. Controls are integrated into a single joystick equipped with a top mounted toggle switch.
Spading Machine Overhaul and Hydraulic Upgrade
Remove outdated, unresponsive hydraulic pilot, joystick controlled hydraulic control system and replace with modern, proportional electric piloted load sensing hydraulic system.  The new system is a nine function hydraulic stack with internal load sense shuttle network and proportional flow control spools providing finer control while eliminating about forty hoses and six discrete valves.  The system allows adjustable load sense pressures for each direction of each hydraulic function.   The flexibility of electric control signals may allow the elimination of one of the three existing joysticks.   Two ergonomic, multifunctional joysticks should be able to perform the same function with much less operator fatigue