Our school has adopted Taylor Lake.  We first became aware of what an interesting place the lake is when we were looking for a site to do a cleanup project.  At the end of last school year we visited Taylor Lake and while we were picking up bags and bags of trash we learned that the Fish and Wildlife Department was looking for a school to "adopt" the lake and work with them to improve it as a recreational site.

    We have taken many field trips to the lake during which we have used some interesting science tools and procedures to measure such parameters as water temperature, clarity, nutrient load, pH, and dissolved oxygen levels.  All of this data will be used by the Fish and Wildlife Dept. to determine what needs to be done to improve conditions for the fish and wildlife that use the lake.  An air diffusion system has recently been added to the lake to improve conditions there.  If you are interested in knowing more about this system and its function, please click here.

Recently we have been analyzing the contents of the stomachs of Rainbow Trout from the lake, for our results, please click here.

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