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The School Building

The school is ideally situated in a quiet rural setting amidst the cherry orchards just east of The Dalles city limits.  Upstairs in the school building proper is our classroom, which has a 'picture window view' of the gorge, and is equipped with five Pentium powered computers, VCR, fax, copier, and a network.  Downstairs is a large resource room with library, science lab, organ, video center, and two older computers.


Our large gymnasium features a carpeted floor and facilities such as a basketball court, gymnastic mats, volleyball nets, and cargo net for an excellent PE program.  Adjoining the gym are kitchen facilities where a Wednesday hot lunch program is carried out. 


West of the school is a play area with swings, merry-go-round, a new tire swing, exercise bars and a spacious softball field.


The school is located at the east end of 13th Street.  If you wish to visit us you may drive out 12th, taking a right as you reach its end and then swinging left onto 13th.  Or you may come out 10th, turn right onto Lambert and left onto 13th.   From the freeway simply head south on Highway 197 for 1/4 mile, right onto Fremont, then swing left on Old Dufur Road and then take Lambert to 13th, where you will turn left towards the school.

We would love to have you come and visit us.

Other Pictures

Another View from the Classroom
Back of the School Building
In Front of the School
Behind the School
Another View of the Playground

The School Sign
Another View of the Softball Field



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