What they say:

"Easy-going and personable clinician who obviously enjoys sharing her considerable experience and knowledge." ..... " It was wonderful, fantastic, great. Do it again--we'll come!." ...... "I appreciate the insight into my filly and the reason for her actions." ...... "Thank you for a very enjoyable lesson." ...... "We appreciate your expertise, great teaching manner, and company." ...... Having you here has been great fun." ...... When can you come back?

Callie says:

I really enjoy helping people with their horses—no matter what stage you're at.  I am available to travel to your facility for private or group lessons, and weekend clinics. The clinics offer a great fundraising opportunity for clubs or groups and are appropriate for everyone and every horse, whatever the discipline or level of training.

Lessons and Clinics:


A complete introduction that offers a solid foundation for a safe and pleasant driving career.

Hands-on practice for proper harnessing, reinhandling, ground driving and hitching, with my horses or yours.


A comprehensive overview of this fast-growing sport. Design a program to suit your needs—lecture or hands-on, from a single evening to a full week’s format.

Rules, levels, strategy, maps, scoring, timing, vet check, Presentation, course design, or individual coaching on Dressage, Cones and Marathon Obstacles—your customized program can include any one or more of these components.

Special two-day CDE clinic format offers a complete "dress rehearsal", to prepare the horse and driver for their first Combined Driving Event.


For progressive training of the competitive driving horse and refining the skills of the driver. Exercises for work on driven dressage, relaxation, development of the gaits, precision--and creation of a true partnership.


One, two, or three day midweek visit for private lessons, totally customized to suit your needs. Just pay for the number of lessons you want to take and your choice of accommodations. Complete horse-handling and driving training, from the very beginning, to the refinement of dressage and cross-country driving.

Permanent obstacles and miles of dirt and gravel roads available. Located one hour from the Portland airport. Bring your horse or use ours. Bring your friends or come alone. Stay in town or park your own camper. It’s up to you!


Classical longlining, adapted especially for the amateur owner or handler, is the basic tool of the Groundwork Training System. The use of two lines affords clear communication that allows the horse to relax. An indispensable technique for the young horse, green or problem horse, and for suppling and athletic development throughout the training program.


Too stiff, falls in on turns, won’t walk, won’t stand, rushing gaits, rearing, backing, won’t go, runs away?  Many problems are a result of the horse’s tenseness or confusion and can be solved (and prevented) when you develop his trust and confidence in you. Specializing in giving you the means to continue the training program on your own.


Email me for more information—or stop by if you're in the neighborhood! I'm only a few minutes off the interstate, in the heart of the scenic Columbia River Gorge.

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