Cross Country Recumbent

Friday July 18, 2003. Prairie City OR to Baker City OR


Start time
6:27 am
End time
~2 pm
Time pedaling
Average speed

This was a tough one.  The morning was cold, which contributed to my somewhat later start.  Soon enough I was climbing up out of Prairie City towards Dixie pass.  This is the view back along the first part of the climb.

According to the elevation profile on the map I would be crossing three passes today.  However the first pass is only about 1700' of climbing and the second and third passes should only be about 800' each.  The map is wrong; or at least I hope it is, because each climb was a huge effort.  The obligatory summit picture for the first pass is below.

Dropping down off the first pass I could tell something wasn't right because I was going awfully fast for an awfully long time.  In the final analysis it doesn't really matter, no amount of ominous foreshadowing will change the road (or the map).  I did get to redress my grievous breakfast disappointment from the day before when I saw this lonely house at the bottom of the valley between the first and second pass.  I saw the notations of other bikers in the guest book, and I left my mark.

This is, I swear, the only flat stretch of road between the first and second pass.

Second time around.  Again I went down much farther than anticipated after clmbing this one.

There was no sign for the third summit (Sumpter pass), so no picture.  After descending the final one I followed the Powder river all the way into Baker City.

Baker city is the last big city I'll hit until Missoula, and since I was tired as all get out, I decided to stay in a hotel.  As it turns out this weekend is the Miner's Jubilee here in Baker city.  This means that everything is booked.  I eventually worked out a deal at a B+B.  Showers, laundry, breakfast in the morning, but I'm camping on the back lawn.  Actually the B+B folks are really nice.  They happen to be the same people who own the Dayville Mercantile, and Steve is an avid bicycle tourist.  After spending the afternoon at the Jubilee, I whiled the evening away talking with Steve about the route ahead.  Tomorrow will likely be my last full day in Oregon.  The next few days should see me winding through the Snake river canyon.