Cross Country Recumbent

Saturday August 2, 2003. Aspen Meadows WY to Lander WY


Start time
9:09 am
End time
4:00 pm
Time pedaling
Average speed
Odometer 1533

Good company and a huge breakfast make for a slow start.  The initial part of the ride was downhill in cool air, so I really made good time.  The only thing slowing me down was the constant stopping to take pictures!  Wyoming has so far been the most scenic state (even more than Oregon!).  After leaving the Pinnacle moutains I was presented with vista after vista of high desert rock.

It goes on like this for almost 30 miles.  Eventually I had to just stop taking pictures because I knew I already had more than I could put up.  One more just for the heck of it

The entire ride today was like the scenery from every Western movie I've every seen, all mixed together.  It would not have been at all surprising to see a few cowboys rustlin' up the herd at the end of the day.  Outside Crowheart (where I had lunch) I ran into this sign, whose slogan is just classic:

I'm not so sure about the nutrious part, but there you have it.

After this the ride got to be tedious because a head wind kicked up and the route left the wind river valley that I had been following and began crossing ridges.  Up then down, Up then down.  I guess I should get used to it, they say that the Eastern portion of the ride is nonstop steep rolling hills.

I passed a group of four Westbound riders and told them to try to make it to Dave and Jo-Anns place.  They had stayed in Lander the night before, so their ride should be about like mine, except they get a tailwind (but they have to climb that last hour).  Tonight I'm camped out behind the Holiday Lodge, next to a creek.  There's nobody else here, and its a pretty sweet deal since they have showers and a hot tub (although its too darn hot to really enjoy it).

I'll go exploring Lander later, looking for the brewpub that is supposed to be in town.