Friends are asking how to do the web page thing so here are some links to information and other stuff pertinent to web page creation.

The editor I am using is Netscape 3.01 Gold, it can be downloaded here. I am just learning this myself so I will start with links to reference materials. The Netscape Help Create Web Services provides lots of good reference materials. Here is a list of the reference materials I have found useful so far, there are many more.

Beginner's Guide to HTML

This is a beginning primer and shows all the basic HTML language and rules. It is a good place to start.

HTML3 Manual of Style

A more complete reference manual on HTML language.

HTML Quick Reference

This has a comprehensive listing of HTMLcommands and proper usage.

Netscape Java Script Resource List

If you are feeling really adventurous, here is where you can learn about java.

Microsoft Site Builder

Now to slight our friends at microsoft. They have some good information and software for web page creation at this site.

Doctor HTML

This is a site where you can test your page(s) after they are posted on the web. It is a FREE service that will test your page and give you a listing of any problems or errors that the test program finds.

HTML Powertools

Download HTML Power tools for Windows. Check it out.

Now you probably want to know, where is the STUFF. Here is my list of sites to get graphics. You will find backgrounds, bullets, buttons, divider bars, graphics, and animated graphics.

Animator's Guild

A worldwide guild of animated GIF artists. A site with lots of good graphics in their archives

Animated GIF Gallery

Skip the guild, just show me the Gallery.

1st Internet Gallery of Animation

Here is another animated GIF gallery.

Clipart Connection

This is a collection of graphics that are not animated.

The Wagon Train Animated GIF's

Still more animated GIF's.

Free Art at Solarflare

Some very nice Theme sets for web pages. Has all the graphics you need to create a page.

Where is the Animation?

By now you can tell... I really like animated graphics.

Russel Graphix Home Page

Excellent graphix!

Dan's Psycho-Delic Art Gallery

More graphics.

Home of the Animated GIF Artist's Guild Ring

If you want to search for your own and you haven't noticed it yet, this is the jumping off page for the Ring of sites.

Page Count

FREE Counter for your web Page, comes with decorative advertisement.

Now what do i do with all this stuff? Here are some interesting programs for viewing and creating your own animations.

GIF Animation on the WWW

Excellent info and links to tell you how to do your own animations.

Amazing Online Banner Maker

His Video Craft Animator does morphing and you can create animated banners. There is some great software at this site.

GrafCat for Windows

Another program you can download for working with animations.

3-D Website Builder

Although it isn't free ... This looks like a cool program for adventurous souls.

Finally, but i need just the right music to play when my page comes up. Look for a Midi Link page in the future. In the meantime, here is the jump off for the Ring of Midi pages.

What do I do with it now? I you have an internet service provider, usually they will provide space on the internet server for you to publish a page. If not you can get a FREE web site at GeoCities. I have heard it takes a couple days to get your site and info there, but hey, it's free.

If you find more interesting stuff that should be here, send me the URL's:

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