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HAPPY FROG'S KEWL Page Dancing Frog.

Welcome to HAPPY FROG'S home on the Net!!!

Animated Cartwheels. This site is an attempt to share the interesting places to go! You'll be happy to know I'm not a for profit entity. Just trying to share information and ideas and have a kewl and entertaining place on the net. If you have ideas or suggestions for this page please e-mail me below!

LINKS to my other pages!! --- HERE'S THE ENTERTAINMENT!!!

Dragon's Lair
Visit Thailand
HTML and Web Page STUFF
Doom and Other Games Page
ASCII Art (By Me)

Check for new stuff occasionally.

Here are some things everybody needs to check out:

The Kewlest thing on the web --- Peer to Peer Connection. Instant communication with your friends when on line, better than chat.
Get your own e-mail address FREE.
Stalker's Page Interesting site
Riddler's Games Couple of good on-line games you can play.
Comics Page For a daily dose of humor.
Assassin For a little Stress abatement.
Blonde Jokes Some little blonde musta done him wrong.
Laughweb Major Joke Collection.
Pandora's Box On-line poetry. Tarot reading, Magic 8-ball, TV Trivia and other kewl stuff.
You Might be a Redneck if ... Collection of Redneck jokes. Who me?
Celebrity Slugfest If you have shockwave ... Meet Tori Spelling.
PC World Mag Has some good programs and utilities, worth a look.
Horoscope Weekly Horoscope for all signs.
School Sucks This page might be helpful to my Student friends.
Research Paper Another page for students. Lotsa topics for writing papers.
Web Museum Fantastic art collection.
Web Ring Index Alphabetical listing of related sites by topic. Some are cool.

LINKS to Other Fun Sites!!!

Friends of Purple Haze will find her here:Rose Button. The Rose Garden

Friends of Vampy will find her here: Vampy's Vault

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