On the following pages you will see many of the Motorcycles I have restored over the years.  Has been over 50 years since I started riding, and did my first restoration in 1972. Hopefully you will enjoy looking around the site to see many of my old projects.  Next winter will be restoring a 48 Velocette KSS and a 1924 AJS.  Come back from time to time to check for updates.  
1933 Harley Davidson VLE
Built at the low point of the
Great Depression, this was the
lowest production year for Harley
Davidson. The total figure for all
models was 3,703. Of those 2,671
were of the V Series Model. This
bike was awarded a Junior First at
the AMCA Meet in Davenport IA.
John Stanley Motorcycle Museum
1941 Harley WLD "45" 750cc
The Model B is a 21 cubic Inch
(350CC) flathead Single. Inrtroduced
in 1926, it was the First production
flathead harley built. the layout of
the engine, and transmission is what
evolved into the Harley 45, and
eventually evolved into the modern
day sportster. This restoration was
completed May 3, 2000. For a few
details on restoration go to Model B
page link at the left of page.
1949 Harley WL
When I got this one, it was in sad
shape. Although it looks much
better than new now it took many
parts to make it that way. The WL
is a 45 Cubic Inch, (750CC)
flathead V-twin. The Engine was
originally introduced in 1929, and
had a major upgrade in 1937. The
Engine was built virtually
unchanged from 1937 through 1973.
The WLA, was a military model used
by the Army in World War 2. Canada
had a similar model, the WLC.
1928 Harley Davidson Model B
This was the first year for
many improvments on the Harley
W series including the 3bolt
transmission and larger rear
brake. I basically started
with a set of Crankcases and
built this bike. It has since
been sold and has "moved" to
1958 FL
My first Harley was a 1958 FL, that I
bought in 1968 for $800.00. I always
remembered the bike fondly and
decided to find one to restore. This
was a major model, as it was the
first "Big Twin" (74CI) with a Swing
Arm frame. Also there were changes
to the Engine.
1972 Harley Davidson FLH
In October 1972 I bought a new FLH from Columbia Motorcycle in Vancouver
Washington. The picture on the left was taken in early 1974 when the bike had
about 65,000 miles on it, and just before I traded it in on a 1974 Superglide
(mistake). In May of 2002, I bought a very nice replacement for my collection,
pictured on the right below. It has barely over 30,000 miles on it and is an
original un-restored bike. I have found an NOS Fairing and Saddlebags to match
the original bike. Rode it to an AMCA National Road run in Texas in 2007, and put
on 5,800 trouble free miles on the trip. In 2008 I rode it to AMCA National runs in Hill City South Dakota and Anacortes Washington, putting on about 6,000 trouble free miles. 2010 saw another trip to Texas, and also to a road run at Lake Tahoe
1960 Harley Davidson Topper
Many people do not even know
Harley made a scooter. Its
powered by a 165cc Two-Stroke
single, and has an "Automatic
Transmission" which is an
Expanding pulley arrangement
that goes from 18 to 1, down
to 6 to 1 ration. Works
pretty good. This Scooter has
about 1800 actual miles on it.
All I had to do was Tune it
and put on new tires and a
fuel valve, and it runs like
new. Sold this one in 2006.
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1969 Harley Davidson Servicar
Here is something I always
wanted. These were made up
until 1973, so this is near
the end of the line. I was
using this for trips to the
Machine Shop and to pick up
parts etc., but ended up
selling it. It went to Florida also!  It uses the same 45CI/750cc engine as the WL.
1937 Harley Davidson UL
A couple of years ago a friend who was looking for some Austin Healy parts, and came across a seller with a few bikes.  I went out the next day with my van and under a tarp on a back porch was this mostly complete 37 UL.  This is the first year for the U series, which replaced the V series. I restored it in the Winter of 2010-11.  Rode to 2 events in California in 2012, riding about 2000 miles in about 10 days. No repairs or adjustments had to be made on the trip. Have been riding the WL's for years, and its surprising how much power this machine has.  Dont even need to shift down on steep grades.