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Fresh Early False Morel We usually harvest these delicious morel look-a-likes starting some time in March. They are available through the early part of the morel season. As you can see, these look a great deal like the true morel. Only the very experienced can distinguish between the two.


Price: * $20.00/lb
Order #: 0FEM
Availability: Mar--Apr


Fresh Morel
Often starting in April and running through June. These are very fine mushrooms. Probably one of the most widely known wild mushrooms. Ours are the "black morel" and "conica" mainly, but we do occasionally get some "blondes". Not the giants that can sometimes be found , but the quality is superb.


Price: * $25.00/lb
Order #: Morel
Availability: Apr--Jun



Fresh King Bolete [Porcini] (Boletus Edulis)
Starting often as early as April, we harvest these beauties Spring, Summer and fall. If you like these excellent mushrooms, you've come to the right place.


Price: * $30.00/lb
Order #: Porcini
Availability: Apr--Jul;


Fresh Yellow Chanterelle (Cantharellus Cibarius)
We start to find mountain yellows in August and then continue to harvest them clear into winter. If Chanterelles are your gig, you'll love us.


Price: * $20.00/lb
Order #: Chanterelle
Availability: Aug--Nov


* These prices are "Average Prices", not actual prices.
Actual prices may vary.


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