We bought a Camper!

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A Four Wheel Camper Eagle

Visit them at fourwh.com

Camper 1 - Popped Up Side View

Camper 2 - Popped Up Front View  

Camper 3 - Popped Up RearView

Camper 4 - Collapsed


Views of the Camper

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After much consideration, we decided to have a bit of luxury. We used a Ford F150 with a Gem Top Workmaster Canopy for 6 years, sleeping in the canopy.  Old age or something forced us to consider more luxury.

The Four Wheel camper is very compact and lightweight - 700 pounds. Four our small Toyota truck, that is important - we have a 1500 pound capacity.

The pop up camper is raised by your own muscle power. You push it up until light boards at either end lock in place. With the sailboards on the roof, it is about all you can do to get it up with two people.

We are looking forward to fun trips. Plans are to go through eastern Oregon and Wyoming this August, then the usual Baja trip this winter.