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Aug. 6  2002

Dear Smith & Hawkins,

Recently we purchased the rural size copper mailbox from your catalogue. Upon it's receipt we realized it was too regal to plug on top of any old post system, so we created the "pictured" copper inlaid mailbox stand to go with it... The idea of merging this now one of a kind piece onto our production platform was not our initial intent, however, the inquiry traffic has been overwhelming and we think it's time to bring this to market.
Our shop ombudsman has drawn preliminary 4 piece assembly plans as well as lading preliminaries. Since we originally purchased the Copper Mailbox from you that spawned this wonderful Outdoor Accessory we want to know if you would like more information from us on distribution rights before we go to anyone else??? In other words, do you want first dibbs?
We know you are very busy as the corporate secretary who fielded our call let us know.
Our plan in production is to have a first shipping date of  Mar.2003 as a "Spring Line" leader. We would need to know if you would be interested within the next 30 days as we need to place this item with a vendor soon.

Warm Regards and Keep Up the Good Work,
The Team @ Lenola Hills Woodworking