We believe we are INTERDEPENDENT and by working as a community towards common goals, we shall achieve more than each of us apart.

We believe PRIDE in ourselves and the Parkway will provide sustained satisfaction over the term of our residence, both individually and collectively.

We strive for a COMMUNITY CULTURE that is life enriching, encouraging diversity, respecting the dignity of the individual resident families, and providing a positive sense of individual and community worth.

We TRUST in the integrity of one another and that all will be responsible, each for our own share of the load in maintaining a positive, healthy apartment community.

We deal ETHlCALLY and in GOOD FAITH with the world at large as well as with one another.


We are committed to continuous QUALlTY lMPROVEMENT in the lives of residents as well as in our services as an association to the community.

We are committed to COMMUNITIES by actively participating in projects that benefit local communities as well as our own resident community.

We are committed to GROWTH of the association which will provide each resident with opportunities for personal and community growth.

We are committed to EMPOWERING each resident family with the information and authority to make educated decisions as an electorate in choosing means and directions of community growth.

We are committed to INNOVATION in leadership by providing our community with valued solutions to problems of needs of the residents and the community.

We are committed to becoming and remaining a non profit SELF DIRECTED organization working in the interest of the residents and surrounding community.


The Residents Association is responsible for providing each resident family with QUALITY COMMlTMENT to a safe living environment and fair consideration as residents at the Parkway.

We are each responsible to our neighbors, to their needs as families and individuals and to provide them with COOPERATION and caring that meets or exceeds their expectations of what a neighbor in a healthy and thriving community should be.

We are each responsible for DEVELOPMENT of  his/her role in making the Parkway an enjoyable, safe, successful and fulfilling place to live.

We are each responsible for our ENVlRONMENT and we understand our role as caretakers for our future generations. We recognize our responsibility to the world on which we live.

We are each responsible to CHlLDREN, realizing they are the inheritors of the decisions we make in our daily lives as resident families and the long term decisions we make as a community.

The Resident Council is responsible for providing high quality LEADERSHIP, for thinking strategically in the interest in the Parkway residents, and making well considered judgments for long term planning.

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