Internet Creator 4.05

..if you move the folders you must edit the ini files for it to be happy with the projects again.

As for Internet Creator, it's great for beginners and experienced web content creators. So many people dither around about getting around to using the server space their ISP provides for some kind of site, but when they make up their minds to do it they don't want to let any grass grow under their feet. They usually want a site immediately, and as you can see here you can put a site together in an evening, less if you already have text to import instead of typing it all out as you go.

For HTML beginners, this program's site wizard will let you churn out a site without knowng HTML, just choose from one of a dozen sample styles in the Sit Setup wizard as I did here & go! If you have MS Word or Star Office you can print out the manual and cold turkey after install crank out a respectable site in an afternoon.

But new businesses is where IC4 really shines. When your venture is the new kid on the block you may not have the scratch for a commercial WYSIWYG web suite but an urgent need to get your business on-line ASAP. IC4 has a Commerce Wizard, and Publishing Wizard to FTP your site to the server. For a small company that needs to quickly update web pages frequently this program could save alot of time as well as money.

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