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Hello Everybody!

[Ric playing his bass]

I just got my first three months of Gorge Net for Christmas (Thank you Brenda and Pops!) and thought I'd stick someting up to introduce myself and say HELLO to all you fellow "Netizens" out there.
I've got my basic template for my site set up here...there's not much on each page, but you can see what is going to be happening at this little corner of the web. Feel free to come in and browse around

The first thing I did was surf the homegrown pages and WOW!!! you are all really something. Wonderful stuff all over the place!!!

Stay tuned 'cause I have been working hard on getting GorgeLink set up out there on the W--I--D--E WONDERFUL! Web for you to each post links back to your sites and pages for FREE! if you want to...
Check it out. Like this site the basic framework is set up and ready for lots of new changes.

I love to write web pages. I'll use anything I can get my hands on that can make a page, anything at all. (Heck! I was writing pages on a 286 at a thundering 10 Mhz the other day.) I'm not proud when it comes to HTML, any text editor can get it done.

Been trying all kinds of HTML editors the last couple of years. My favorites are

...but I seem to use notepad the most.[Made with notepad]

I'm working on rebuilding my old Linux box and once it's back up I'll get back to floundering around in vi and whatever else I can try out that's on there.

I'm looking for a full time job.
Check out my resume.

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