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If you need a cool logo or animated banner check out the Flaming Text site where you can make it on line for free!
Your work is not only stays on their server for an hour, so you have to right click and save the image on your hard drive. One caveat is it will save every gif or jpg as "cool_logo", but with a number as an extension so make sure to save it with the correct extension. The main page was created in vi & uses The Gnu Image Manipulation Program to do your work.

If you like fantasy art by artists such as Boris Valejo, you might like Royo. Below are some links to some nice sites fearuring his work. The gallery sites are worth the long load. I will only put a few links, because he has many fan sites out there...tons of 'em. after you get through these will have seen about all his published work.

For those of you not into fantasy I bring you this link to a site that shows his fine art skills.

I put this one at the top because it has smaller,clickable thumbnails. Fasterloading than the other galleries, and on-click the large images pop up in a separate window.

ImageNetion is showing a 20 page, 316 image collection of his art.
ImageNetion has over 500 of his airbrushes.

magoo has a nice site.

If you like his work you can score it here.

His home site:
Royo Home Site

Ric Frye
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