if this increasingly complex system, the internet, bears some similarity to the mind of a child:
taken unexpectedly by distemper when comprehension and communication go awry;
quick to panic and slow to subside; ignorant, and therefore often false in stance;
subject to vice and licentiosness because of it's innocence;
prey to infection due to artificially prescribed health; intolerant, curious and proud--
then it is we human users who make it so, for ours is the consciuosness which endows.

more than the sum of our parts,
the machine interface is the vessel of our thoughts--
a continuum capable ultimately, perhaps
across time,
of connecting each thought entered into it
with the thoughts of every other human's mind, who,
dead or alive,
input data to a system growing
increasingly complex.

language, art, science, religion
all philosophies are part of the collective consciousness of humanity
whose thoughts understanding
bridge the gulfs between
each radiant speck of light, each human mind
equally a


of energy connecting life with life
outside illusory time
to form
a greater consciousness

each human seems to have their part to play
some function or other
long supposed to be constant, a notion
technology has disturbed
for now some's
role shifts constantly, as
driven by situation, evolution occurs
even against society's will
even against their own

such plastic individuals
capable of undergoing severe deformation of reality's very structure
without experiencing catastrophic failure
are called upon
to add their own unique synthesis,
their perceptual point-of-observation
to the infant
internet's view

before it is too late to teach it