your own portable

multimedia museum


Hopper might have done the houses using watercolor, guache

But the clouds were pure DaVinci

Sky blue matte, maybe Dürer

Egg-tempera tree leaves feathered by Graves

Add traffic, the birds, and me awaiting a wandering bus

Cage must have written this soundtrack symphony


(transit intervals change scenes)


That man is wearing his baby slung low

like a gunfighter

somebody walks by

wanting to model

wanting to meet my eye

withered limbs, corpulence, anathematic colors

I run

for the sake of a pavilion of green comfort

growing from bronze-grate and concrete

climb above an empty convention

where water flows, plants effervesce solace to atmosphere

and the city is just a roar

between me and a cyclorama

silk-screen photograph by Warhol