human strands unraveling


What if within the hearts of stellar bodies there formed and reformed proto-nuclear structures having causal relationships, as propagators to waves, with analogously constructed strands of DNA?

As wavefronts radiated outward from the stellar body, or other temporal effect-projector, they would encounter and interact with various matter and energy environments, encouraging all toward similitude. Mutual interaction of quantum wavefronts would tend to constantly change the nature of both wave and radiating body through wave/particle simultaneity.

DNA meltdown occurs because its weak link is the double-helix, where protons allow electron sharing, thereby increasing interconnectivity among double-strand protons by sacrificing some of the DNA's single-strand linear interconnectivity through the intervention of positively charged barriers, called Histones. (Histones join, yet inhibit, binary systems within the DNA's nuclear structure.)

The absorption rate of individual double-strand steps in the DNA chain has been observed to be asymptotic up to the boundary at which proton/electron interaction overcomes the Histone bonding, bursting the double-helix at its seams. The DNA fragments promptly reform with anything handy.

What if this restructuring of DNA is an exhibition of replicative harmony between DNA and the generative particles emanating the wavefront? So that what we are is echoes of a subatomic moment, standing in the still air high above our cathedral; growing closer to God by replicative error.

The scientific evidence tends to suggest that at the root level of its existence reality is always virtual. Subjective though interconnected, we exist as wells of bifurcating events, collapsed through observation. Perception is our reality-instrument, ourselves simply imagination-propagators acting as chaotic attractors at the plateau in heat of enthalpy between life and maximum entropy.

When a system is not a system it is an organism, very interconnected, reacting as an individual to localized stimulus.

Self-awareness is everywhere. Each conscious individual is a highly unstable atom, often chained to inactivity by lack of sufficient reaction-mass near enough to stimulate a change from steady-state to one of supercriticality through exposure to particle-flux.

Data does not encode emotions without all the languages possible (auditory, visual, multisensory,) and even then it only approximates the sender's emotive reality--yet forms of poetry and other plastic arts succeed in communicating emotion powerfully. This happens through the mechanism of evoking emotion within the viewer. In order to evoke with abstract symbols, those symbols must identify experientially with the receiver.

Perhaps the construction of our machines, increasingly geared to mimic human thought and definitely cyber-organically inspired as far as the science of medicine has evolved, is merely a conscious echo of our human DNA's organization, especially the efforts toward artificial-intelligence and reproducing-systems. Both are fundamentally anti-entropic concepts. This may be a response by our particle-consciousness' awareness of the interval between combinative genesis and meltdown, at the highest threshold of an almost asymptotic curve generated from our primal reality: the monobloc.

During a non-temporal existence prior to meltdown at the event, this momentary subatomic linkage within the probability maelstrom of the monobloc is propagated outward, translating its effect into every local dialect through the mechanics of the miracle of interaction.