The mother, barren from love-want

breathes a fire of her own making

so children hunger too much

for cold denial


Grown capering uninformed

the light anchor of lean coyote youth

plays carelessly with streets

mobile, fit, proudly surviving

death of heat

whilst tagging the established beast in invisble ink

good for the nose

and cheap, like all other hurriers to the brink

freely available

so do many short lights fly

mindlessly becoming

pan-fried photo-real abstractions

of Fear's poster-child

giving authority another rope

to hang


The ties bind

sticky web, drag-net sieved

selecting only the best

canned fish

to "Learn/Grow/Educate"

drool at bell's ringing

most programs take

most infants are forsaken

sent to battles severe or worse


No matter, since all events lead back

to fear

Art Without Boundary