No history remembers where they go

those lost, thrown

bound by filthy swaddle

upon concrete

where flows a river of rats

deserting a spastic act, flight

from swallowing tide

acknowledging accepted lies


Reason, riven by evidence of eyes

whimpers in cardboard huts

emnity night, carrion reek

the cold arboreal threat

jackals hunt till dawn in alleys, ghetto cracks

stonefoot corporate Sphinx



Roman blacktop yellow brick code

pilots reference no landmark but the road

rumbles tuning-fork vibrations

ground down pillars pour

there below another frontier

exclusive to the poor



doorways dare approach

portals least known

does this grocery cart get cable?

neo-cowboys curl in circles

age early, casually medicated to confusion

better than accurate perception

of fate conspiring nothing

as nothing awaits


Oh, this coral archipelego

has long-since died

yet reluctantly subsides to ocean

entropy tide, longing for heat

conditionally accepts everything

quiet defeat