"shit(the barrels hot

tim flinched, shoving anyway

bending over rough thumb hammer

tim grabbed filthy leg

where shit was strongest fabric

lost in stain


tim's pain lingered)


"howzthat taste of DMZ

old man

you motherfuckinrag

(kickpunchstab, tim's chains rattled)



you fag

you motherfuckinfag, I heard you

talking on the Ave. about me

mywoman, you smiled, you mother

fucker why?


"did gooks pack Glocks, you faggot

did they give your buddies

9mm smiles?


"where's your fuckin stash, bastard

where's your fuckin cash?

nothin here but shit

in every pocket, shit

on every rag you lived in

shit, you faggot, shit


"you're better dead."



alien sonata (hard contact)


deconstruction cowbell blues