cowboy collusion

Kevin broke a bloodsweat bead

above his itch to track between

both eyes with languor fret

once twitch at lip then quit

He thought it was a fly.

Palms wet but gripped stick

like him great big Danish HuskyDog

and stick was it.

(joystick : prick :: button : bitch)

Big fat firing weapon dick.



spoke softly into mic at throat of system covering skin,


police wing

urban helicopter flies

past needle-space

in sky

Kevin pushes the button

Pushes the button

the Button

feathers fly


Frank pauses in his drumming, watching the fireworks die.


he says

with a voice like an inflatable-doll blowout

speeding in a grey-green 1962 Porsche

an alcoholic skier matador

above its icy wheel.

cowboy collusion



deconstruction cowbell blues