desert fancy

taking a fancy

on a godfucked desert ramrod rivering road

juiced-up & jaded

(not alone, you



below the wheel

dark hair spreading random



perhaps some)dreamlover

adjusting, parts your thighs

drags red skirt high

preparing hands, my(icecubes trailing pebbled flesh

you moan mildly, surprised


a moment, thirsty

holding cupped within one palm

low, your wet lips open


me, my fingertips

knead small pirouettes dance

erotic, blindly

dip)entering your river


from deep in dream)you

rocket through the thermocline, break surface

grabbing altitude

(a Grand-Jete each muscle



which reflexive jerk near unseats me

our)connection, trembling



`til)your hands join mine

then(together we our desert fancy

flashes by

Desert Fancy

zen erections