As concession to the abstract
Dragonfly drops sky for his art museum trip
dosing twice the normal hit
enters city slipstream wearing a disguise
betrayed to random searches
by thin, hot contrails off his eyes

Dragonfly scans erotically the urban human glide
seeking empty female canvas
daily bound, stretched in frames by office-hours
an artifice of pride

He peaks
above a woman chosen
tweaks away her clothing
painting transitory bodies on the sly
with mind like cold blue tongue like fire
dragonflies away on sensate wings, powered by desire
saving one life, among her many
to his vast expanse of sky

She briskly walking
passing Dragonfly unfolding
leaving colors gently flowing
oblivious to rapture
plays the necessary part

Never knowing of her capture
or his unsuspected art


and dragonflies