This City


This city

stone canyon, carved by cataract & fall

gradually eroding, breaking currents undercut its walls

calls a spawning, travelling winds

carry strange attractors where breeders swim

ancient, aimless-seeming patterns

of significance now lost.


Gathering from oceans beyond, they come

garbed in festive colors, speaking foreign tongues

not an army, but a mob

driven by biologic insistence, genetic recollections--oft´ mistaken dreams

fighting singly `gainst the flow forever pushing downward

urged, nest sheltered waters, breed.


In mighty flashing rainbow leaps the strongest

seeming swim to sky

frozen at mid-motion, sun smiling

shining recognition on their feat.


Many, missing water on re-entry

hit the bricks

lay there, stunned


bodies gasping.


Others die of hope along the way

colors faded, bloated bodies float

imitating motion

as waters bear them swiftly out to sea.


Earnest ones

persistent in vision, obedient to will

travail up barren city hills

where hungry predators await

a random winnowing of kills.


Someplace past these worried streets

where some are dying, some die trying, and others serve as meat

still pools invite survivors

love here, breed.


Laying eggs

they die there

weary, yet complete.

This City

Notes From The Nuclear Age