Hood River Skate Park

The Hood River Skate park has come a long way!  It boasts an 11' steel halfpipe among a plethora of fly aways, roll overs (pump bumps), boxes of all different sizes, a small, concrete square bowl, a 2x16' mini and a 6x20' halfpipe.  



There is also a bmx course winding above the skatepark, tetherball and picnic tables....plus an asphalt trail down from Cascade St., which is lined with wall ridable Jersey barriers.  There are plans to build a snake run to big bowl halfway down the trail so one could conceivably skate everything in one run: downhill, snake to bowl, street course to halfpipe.

Returnable cans and bottles are now being accepted as donations for the Hood River Skatepark by both Safeway, located at 2249 West Cascade, and Rosauer's Super Market, located at 1867 12th. St., in Hood River. There is no need to wait in line for a bottle count. Simply let the attendant know your returns are in support of the Skate Park, and the proceeds will be forwarded.

Click to see full map of park.  Skatethumb.jpg (8532 bytes)

Here's a link with more information about Hood River's Skate Park.

The Hood River Skate Park is located on Wasco street just below Subway Sandwiches.