NW Lake Cabin Owners Association

- Membership form -

The cabin owners of Northwestern Lake have come together as a group to express and take action on their goals: to amend the terms and conditions of the lease, and pursue the purchase of the land associated with their cabin sites.  The cabin owners association's main goal is to act as a focal point to express these interests and carry out the action steps needed to make these goals happen.  The signing members all agree that the Northwestern Lake Cabin Owners Association is acting on our behalf and should be dealt with accordingly.

I (print name) ________________________________ the owner of cabin # _______,
Pledge my support of the NW Lake Cabin Owners Association.  I understand that this association represents my interest as per the charter of the group. I give my full support in that endeavor.

Signature__________________________________________ Date_____________

Yearly Membership dues for June 1, 00 - June 1, 01  $300.00

Additional instructions:

  • Sign this form.
  • Make check out to NW Lake Cabin Owners Association.
  • Mail both to Kathy Chandler (treasurer), P O Box 1356, Hood River, OR 97031-1356.

Please print this page and submit with your dues