NW Lake Cabin Owners Association

Thanksgiving, 2000

Highlights  - Association Business

· Joel Wilson has accepted Vice President position in Assoc.

· Current membership total is 28 cabins --- Goal is 100%

Association Leaders have been active in the last few months--

  • Leadership Team meets with Pacificorp Property Management

        On Sept. 22nd, your Assoc. Leaders met with Pacificorp
                   Ted Dodd, Joel Wilson, Kathy Chandler, Wendy Strasser,  Marty Anderson
                   Anna King, Property Manager
                   Jeff Richards, Attorney (Pacificorp)
                   Gail Miller, Project Coordinator, Condit Dam Removal

The meeting was held to discuss the following topics-
  • Lease Questions------
                   Add "security" (i.e., longer terms, financing ability, 'first   
                     right of refusal', etc.)
  • Lease Value Questions-----
                   Basis of $75,000 cabin site value?
                   Appraisal criteria?
                   Copy of appraisal available to Assoc.?
                   Cabin owner's challenge to Lease amount?
  • Land Purchase Questions----
                    Sale of Cabin Sites?
                    Sale of Pacificorp land as a package?
                    Time Lines regarding sale?

The Assoc. Leaders felt that the meeting was successful in the fact that Pacifcorp is recognizing our Assoc. and the role that we will play in negotiations as a cohesive group consensus. Also, Anna King has agreed to let Joel Wilson review their "appraisal" in her office, even though she will not allow a copy to be given to the Assoc.

There was much discussion after the meeting between Anna King and Ted Dodd over attempts to make a complete reporting of the meeting to Cabin Owners. The revisions and re-revisions of the reporting created as much confusion as the "Florida vote count".

Basic conclusions reached by the Assoc. Leaders is that we should investigate the "second appraisal" remedy to re-negotiate the lease rates as provided in our current lease. And, we ask the membership to consider whether or not to spend our monies on this endeavor. A vote will be asked for to confirm this action at a later date.

Contact Ted Dodd  (503) 227-5157  tedd@comfurn.com if you wish further information on the meeting with Pacificorp.

After the holidays a general meeting will be called in January and will provide for a full discussion of the Sept. 22nd Meeting and remedies available to the Cabin Owners.
Advance notice will be mailed when a meeting date has been set.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season and we will see you in January-- Marty Anderson