This is where I discuss the sometimes "stormy" side of having a special child !
Its not so much that your child will make your life"stormy"(any more than any child would).
Its the people that ask stupid questions (yes sometimes in front of your child) or make remarks that hurt .
And its not other children ,they will accept most any thing IF
someone takes the time to tell them why this child is the way they are.
No, its well meaning adults that will make your life"stormy"and make you wonder if you (and a very few others)
are the only sensible people left on earth!
Short of your family becoming hermets or moving to a deserted island,the only recorse you have is to learn to deal with it. My personal favorite is the blank stare!!
If the person persists(and some do) then just tell them the truth (full medical name of your childs problem)
and ask if they feel better knowing (with a look saying "how dumb") now don't give in to temptation and say it out loud.(The how dumb part!!!).

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