Hi and welcome this page is under construction!
Please come back soon thanks :>)
Hello my name is Mary and with this page I hope to
give hope, help and encouragement to people like myself
who are blessed with " special " children.
The first thing I want to say is YES you are blessed!
As I get into this I will add links where you
can go to get information and support.At first I
didn't know where to turn or what to say if I did find any one.
But that soon changed ,and here I am .

I will start by telling you the first step you have to take
is to stimulate your baby , flood babys world
with sounds ( not to loud) ,sights (the brighter the better),and most
important loving touch .That with your voice softly talking will
make your baby and you feel so much in touch with each other.
Now I'm not going to lecture you , just give you some links
and advice that has worked for me and others I know.
I'm NOT a Dr. or anything like that.
Just a mom who has some experiences and would like to share.
I have my email and a guest book on
this page so you can contact me. I check my mail several times a
day and my guest book at least twice a week.
I love to hear from people! * Smiles *
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Hope I have been of some help to you.*SMILES*