The events in these essays are real - as are the names

September 23, 1997

Copyright © 1997 William Loughborough

This book is dedicated to: Bill Gerrey, Jerry Kuns, 3 Mikes (Cole, May & Cozzolino) Tom Fowle, Jay & Kathy Williams, Kevin & Colin Malcolm, Larry Scadden, Monica Schaff, Steve Mendelsohn, Jeff Moyer, Mark Dubnick, Louis Maher, Chris Cooke, Tim Cranmer, Emerson Foulke, John Fales, Jolie Mason, Rick Joy, Debbie Cook, Harvey Lauer, Pat Beattie, Debee Norling, Kathy Auriemma, Josh Miele, Betty Bird, Kelly Ford, Sue Boaz, Randy Brooks, Winifred Downing, Anita Baldwin, Tom Karnes, Gregory Rosmaita, and all the others who enabled me to see the tunnel at the beginning of the light.


This section is fun to write but sort of a drag to read because it traditionally consists of name dropping or lists of unfamiliar people. I list members of two categories - backers and inspirations.

I list backers because they believed in what the author was doing over the years and provided the backing (financial, moral or spiritual) that enabled him to stare idly at a word processor while his peers were commuting to work, filling out time sheets and otherwise accounting for their uselessness.

I identify inspirations because it makes me seem a bit more humble by not displaying pride of authorship while precariously balanced on the shoulders of giants, who did or thought of all these things before.

I will allude specifically to members of both categories in the essays themselves, particularly those who were my inspirations, I list here some whose help and guidance were of a more general kind.

My backers (in addition to my many family members) included David "Buck" Wheat, Bill Davison, PeeWee & Mary Russell, Orville and Catherine Jacobson, David Bell, Les Smith, Bill & Jane Buck, Donlon Arques, Chet Baker, Vernon Crank, Ray Price, John Dowie, Robert Hightower, Gary Ward, Bob Krauss, Ward Bond, and lots more I forget. I plead creeping senility and memory loss.

My inspirations include Ramon Santamaria, Kirby Hensley, Helen Keller, Jawaharlal Nehru, Harry Partch, A. Korzybski, Buckminster Fuller, B.F. Skinner, A.G. Bell, Nikola Tesla, W. H. Sheldon, Rachel Carson, and many others.

My current career's success is due to Al Alden, Erich Sutter, and Jules Madey.

Without the help of Arthur Jampolsky I would be in jail, dead or living in LA. Thank you Arthur!