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Sitting on the warm banks of the Columbia River near Taylor Lake, the students took an imaginary trip through all the interconnected waterways of the world. Here are some of their favorite destinations.

I Imagine at Taylor Lake

I’m at Taylor Lake and I imagine that I am at the beach in Lincoln City. The waves are crashing down on me as the current tries to pull me out to sea. Digging a hole, I hit the icy cold water. Then my mom calls me back to the car, it’s time for me to return home, back from the beach. On the way home, I feel sad that we had to go, but I know there will be other times at the beach.

This experience was really special to me because it was the first time I had ever gone to the beach in my mind.

By Amanda

Journal Entry

Dear: Journal, I took a trip to Florida, it was pretty fly.

I think that it was the best trip I have ever been on, and the best part about it was in Miami sitting on the beach watching the fine chicks go by, another cool thing at the beach was surfing.

After the jammin' at the beach. I joined a backpacking expedition hiking at the Everglade National Park. It was pretty cool going through the park except for the fact that it was very hot, humid and that I fell out of the swamp boat that a park ranger let us rent.

A crocodile was coming for me and I was really scared because when we were on the trail little ways back we saw a crocodile tearing up a duck. I was relieved when I saw that it was only a log hitting me on the back. Then when I thought the whole crisis was over, a flamingo came hurling out of the sky, landed on my head and started pecking me to pieces. I must say I will never forget that experience.

Well after that pain throbbing experience I decided to go and finish my week with my former pilot teacher, Mr. T

He didn’t look much different except that all of his hair was missing, except three lonely strands of hair. They looked very much alone and quite annoying so I offered to pull them out. He refused and told me he wanted to stay young as long as he could. I couldn’t bear it so I pulled them out and bought him a wig. He thought I killed him, those hairs meant so much to him. I could not understand it, I mean I bought him a wig, he should have been happy. Well journal, I have had a pretty exciting week, by.

By: Daniel

The Place I Visited

The place I visited is at an Ocean. And the Ocean had something big by the water too. There was a big dock made of wood. A big green alligator was by it. The alligator had sharp teeth, too, and had dark green bumps on its back. Beside the Ocean was a big playground. At the swimming place was a diving board. There were a lot of people, too. The place I went to had a big bench. From the bench we had a perfect view of the water. The big Ocean had just beautiful waves. Some people were lying on the sand. Others were diving into the water.

By Jenee

The Place I Visited

I went to go visit the Mississippi River in my imaginary mind. When I arrived, there were a lot of people there, so I didn’t have a lot of fun.

After everyone left I swam across the river, finally had some fun.

As I was swimming and relaxing on my back, I felt the cool breeze blow over my chin. My arms felt free as I was doing my swimming strokes. While I was swimming I heard a voice say, "Shaina, time to go." So I left and I was thinking about the next place I am going to visit.

The End

by Shaina

The River I Visited

The river I visited was the Mississippi River. When I got there I felt very impressed. I picked that river because it’s somewhere in the United States. Anyway, I swam at the Mississippi and there were other people that I don’t know, but I didn’t just sleep and relax. NO! I didn’t do that. The water was a very pretty light blue color, almost like sky blue and I was thinking how deep the water might be and I guessed it might be at least twelve feet. Then later on, I had to go home and after that, I was thinking ‘what is the next place I am going to visit?’

Story done by Jenee

The Nile Adventure

As I sit in my raft about ready to embark upon my epic journey, I take stock of what I have: sleeping bag, tent, food, etc. "It all seems to be here," I say to myself. So I push off and start my journey down the Nile.

The Nile is one of the longest rivers in the world, spanning a distance of 5584 km (3470 mi.). I know that I have a long hard trip to complete.

I’ve gone about a three miles when I see a movement to my right on the shore, I look just in time to see a Nile Crocodile glide effortlessly into the water. My only problem is he’s headed toward me! It took me a split second to make up my mind, I know what I have to do, get out of that portion of the river and fast.

So I speed up my pace just a little. You see I have a small raft and they have big, not to mention sharp, teeth.

As I come around a little bend I see a carcass of some unknown animal and a feeding frenzy of crocodiles. I stop some distance up stream and creep down to have a better look.

I record in my log under crocodilians:


June 1

I have just seen what seems to be the largest Nile Crocodile ever, about 11 m was its size.

After I leave the scene and travel only about four miles when I come to the ancient city of Thebes, my first camping spot. I stop and eat, and then I get my tent out and set it up. Before going to bed I put my rifle within easy reach, I may be here to study Crocodiles but if it is a life or death situation I would rather come out on top.

Up at 6 in the morning I eat, pack up and head out for another day’s travel. My destination 20 miles down stream to a village to watch them make papyrus.

On my way down stream, I can’t help but think. This is one of the most majestic rivers I have ever been on. Palm trees line the shore, papyrus and other reeds inhabit the shallow water, in the background you can see pyramids, and along the shore you will see a crocodile every once and a while.

I have finally made a life-long dream come true. Yes!


A Different World

Then we saw it. Dark and ominous, the city flickered on the horizon ahead of us. As we moved closer we could see people bustling down the avenues. People! Real People! The entire place was filled with them, brightly dressed and carrying walking sticks.

Much of the architecture was vaguely reminiscent of Roman, or was it Pueblo? It was hard to tell one type of building from another, especially through all the darkness. None of them had signs but some had dimly lit windows, and even those were few and far between.

All of the city had a ghastly, almost macabre, aura about it, especially their temple. From what I saw, their civilization was quite technically advanced, but almost backward, in a sense.

None of the humans approached us, or even seemed to take notice of us. A few of the bravest fish swished eagerly around us. Oh yes, the name of the city, Atlantis.



My favorite spot was down in Flordia because I got to see Bill Dance and fish with him too. We went all around the lake and caught lots of fish. Oh, and afterward we went to see his family and then we had to say good by. Also, before we left, Bill gave me a fishing pole and reel. I gave him some money for letting me stay at his house for two days. After that I told my parents all about it and I gave my parents a big hug.


by Andrew

We have been busy at Taylor Lake.  Here are some student journals for you to enjoy.

On Friday September 3 we went to Taylor Lake. Yes, we picked up trash, and yes, we looked at trees, but more important than that, we had fun. 

A man from Fish and Wildlife Services agreed to take us on his boat while he tested dissolved oxygen at different checkpoints in the water. He also took us on a boat ride around the lake. It was no luxury cruise, but on how many luxury cruises can pull algae out of the water and look at it? And on how many luxury cruises can you talk to a wildlife expert?

That day we spent at Taylor Lake was one of our best field trips so far.


We picked up trash at Taylor Lake.  While we were picking up the trash Mr. Garvin was talking to Mr. Pribyl an he asked if we can take a boat ride on his boat. He said yes and he told about every single kind of seaweed that was in the Lake. Mr. Pribyl showed us where the air compressor was and he showed us the secchi disc. The secchi disc is to help tell you how many feet there are in the water. Then after the boat ride we took a walk around the lake and Star and Andrew picked cat tales. I picked snake tales and when I blew on them it made a sound. After all that we went back to the car and went home.

By Amanda

One Friday my school went to Taylor Lake, It was so fun, and we got to pick up a bunch of trailer park trash off of God’s green world!

Then a man from Fish and Wildlife came, his name was Mr. Pribyl, he asked Mr. Garvin if he could take us on a boat ride. Then we all got into the boat and went to different stations on the Lake, once we were on top of a air diffusion system. After the boat ride we went on a walk, everybody was picking cattails. After the walk we picked up more trash except my friend Andrew, he was playing around thinking he could catch a fish with line and a piece of worm, but when the line was tugging and he pulled it in there was no fish, but not only that there was no worm. Then it was time to go so everybody got into the cars, and we left back to the school.

The End  by Jonathan

Taylor Lake

It was really fun we got to go on the boat ride and Mr. Pribyl showed us how to tell how deep the water is and we, Bob, Amanda, Andrew, Jonathan, Mr. Garvin, and me, Star, picked up trash. The reason was the 6-9 had pilot and we had to do clean up a place so we did. Then this year we decided to adopt Taylor Lake, so we are going to make it look nice. We are going to put tables and benches it will be a nice place when we get done.



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